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The Biggest Baby Coat and Storm Party in the Country at the 10 Year Old BabyMama Exp! (X)

The Biggest Baby Coat and Storm Party in the Country at the 10 Year Old BabyMama Exp! (X)

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The Biggest Baby Coat and Storm Party in the Country at the 10 Year Old BabyMama Exp! (X)

Giving a baby a life is the most beautiful responsibility. It is an indescribable condition to take care of it, but there are thousands upon thousands of requests to make sure we do it right.

The BabaMama Expo was born to respond to the uttered and unspoken requests of the pregnancy and baby period. The event will take place on November 13-15, with free expert tips, exciting presentations and the latest baby and maternity products at the Sports Club in Budapest. And baby in the most important topics. The organizers are preparing a record experiment at the First 1000 Days booth: 1000 images are made on the spot from the first 1000 days of the baby from conception to toddler age, thus also paying attention to the very first 1000 days.

"A lot of vбrandуs anyukбtуl We kцszцnх letter to elmъlt йvekben who kiemeltйk that vбrandуssбg sorбn was Baby Mama Expo szбmukra the best tбjйkozуdбsi point where they received szakйrtх tanбcsokat, цssze tudtбk hasonlнtani the kьlцnbцzх cйgek kнnбlatбt, megnйzhettйk also йs йlхben, megfoghattбk, kiprуbбlhattбk baby and maternity products known only through commercials, newborns and the Internet. says Judit Fülöp, chief organizer of the BabaMama Expo.
Among the 200 exhibits you can find the newest baby care products, baby furniture, baby clothes, here are the stem cell banks and the most important representatives of natural cosmetics, organic products. Custom-designed maternity and baby clothes and other Christmas specialties await the families who visit Expur. At this 9000 square meter event, there will also be a discounted on-site 4D ultrasound examination, which can be pre-booked in limited numbers via the Expo website.

Baby changing and breastfeeding areas are welcome, and moms can comfortably feed their baby in the baby's bosom, and relaxation is a must-have for reading. The event's main sponsor, OTP Household Dresses, is looking forward to attending every three days with a baby doll in the air and a whirlwind of quizzes, where the lucky couple can win a milk-hungry party!
Visitors who have previously registered on the website and at the fair can also receive valuable gifts: baby-friendly family fun, baby furniture and baby products. It is especially worthwhile to register your baby, as the KRIO Institute has offered to win three "4D Baby Cinema" before the Expo, and one of the most fortunate registrations in the world for every 350 000 children!
THE BabaMama Expo sister brother of 4-12 years old Kidexpo (Formerly Children's Lifestyle) with countless on-site activities, occupations, game premieres, and educational educational programs, he is waiting for the family.
The event is open on Saturdays and Sundays, with open hours for all visitors as early as 9am!
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