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This is how baby develops day after day

This is how baby develops day after day

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We never develop in our lives in such an astonishing pace as in the first year of a postpartum birth. What changes can you expect the baby to make during this period, and what are your concerns?

It is wonderful to be a mother, to see how our baby changes and develops almost every day. As you begin to recognize your voice, your face, you begin to open up to the world and discover it. But what are the most important milestones in the first year? Нme!

Day 1:

Enjoy how you experience when your little one is happy or hungry. The more you pay attention to the baby's little tidbits, the sooner you will discover the magical content of some of the signs it emits. If you have the opportunity to spend more in the open air, play simpler, sonorous games with it.Although every baby develops in its own rhythm, there are certain signs that you may want to see if you are experiencing, suck. Also notice how stiff your eyes are, whether it responds to light, loud noises, or how stiff or flabby your body is!

Month 3:

He's smiling! Probably your baby is enjoying the public game more and more, and you may be chuckling when you make grimaces or make funny sounds. Lying on its belly, it raises its head and chest. Hand-eye coordination is also improving, extending beyond the chattering games. The little one recognizes you at the other end of the room.You may want to see a doctor if you do not lift your head or get hold of objects at first, instead you will be able to lean on your breast. It can also be a concern if you do not smile, do not respond to noises and do not focus on moving objects.

4-7. hуnap:

The small is taking full part in the world of the five. He smiles, laughs, and your dick is good. You can probably turn your stomach back on your belly and stay alive to grab it. Your baby will be much more sensitive to different sounds, and will understand the prohibition.

8-12. hуnap:

Nah, baby's taking the first steps! He is becoming more and more curious and crawling so fast that he will be on his feet who wants to follow. You can squeeze a little sore in your mouth, like "mommy" or "papa", but it is possible that "no" will be in the middle of your first words. She likes to gesticulate, takes everything. If you leave you alone, you will experience separation anxiety, which is completely normal at this age. You may also be interested in:
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