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Smooth, hot flashes, lightweight… in the first trimester of baby blood, what happens! You won't be surprised if you have a tricky bag.

You may need to replace your tablet with a little bigger one - so the antidote is always there!
$ 15,99 (C&A)
1. Unexpected heat waves may appear on your skin. Cool face spray means immediate relief in the uncomfortable minutes.
La Roche-Posay Thermal Spray, 899Ft
2. Light skin is beautiful. If you have a matte effect matte in your body, you can cover this problem many times a day!
Maybelline dream mat powder
2699 Ft
3. It may be easy for your feelings to take control of you in the early days. You see a baby, and your eyes are light. And by March, your makeup has gotten…
If you don't want to go around the world with a pandamackou image, choose water lashes!
Maybelline Define-a-lash WTP
2799 Ft
4. Always have a cranberry jam bar in your hands. If you feel like getting tired, you can quickly replenish your energy supply.
5… Would you like to wash your hands or clean your forehead? Unfortunately, you will not always be able to do so. It helps if you have wet cloths.
Ebelin Cosmetics & More
6. Steady metallic taste in your mouth is not very pleasant - don't worry, this is now a natural occurrence. Keep Menthol Candy!
Travel Mint 295 Ft (Bуbita)
7. Do you often get a headache? It is better that you do not take medicines now, it may be beneficial for the baby. But here's some good menthol "Vietnamese balm" - massage it into your fish diet!
50 Ft (Ezerjуfы)
8. Do you spend a significant amount of your time in the toilet? It is time for you to befriend the gingerbread man, he is a great suppressor for the ginger. If you ask me, this is just part of your regular summer wear!
Instant honey fruit table
870 Ft (Ezerjуfы)
9. You Can't Miss Your Favorite Magazine for Your Pregnant Magazine $ 1.99
10. It can easily dry out your body in the heat of the day - this is twice as bad as it can carry your baby outside of you. Always have a bottle of water for your book! Your skin also has a lot of fluids, you see!
$ 50
11. Do you miss your memo, can't you pay attention to your work? If you do not want to be constantly oblivious to your oblivion, it is best to write down everything you do in a pretty little notebook!
$ 9.90 (Pirex)
12. You can mitigate the unpleasant effects of faith with an elegant fan!
559 Ft (Terebess)
13. A hairpin may come in handy at any time, especially if your flatness gets more serious, and you regularly end up in the bosom. You better not need it…


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