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Hello, who's talking?

Hello, who's talking?

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Make a tower made of plastic or paper cups! It develops a focused, crafty mind, and encourages others to always be alert.

Hello, who's talking?

  • Let's put a glass on the table, cover it with a glass cloth, set the next glass on it, and continue.
  • Let's cut a small hole in the bottom of the paper cup, add a three-meter-long asparagus and knot it inside the cup. For the other end, let's make another cup. Hold the baby's mouth to the side of the glass, let's go to the other room, stretching out the asparagus so we don't see each other and talk into the glass. Can you hear the line at the other end?
  • Hallу! Who's talking?

    The interest in the technique is manifested independently from the age of one year. The little ones they like to push the buttons, hang the braids. Their exploration drives them into the world of adults, so they try to capture with great determination everything that is not playable. One of the featured objects is the phone, but it doesn't take long for their mom to talk. I'm annoyed that no phone call can be made calmly, but the chatter can be understood: the little kid makes sure he misses something importantand she doesn't understand what distracts her mom.
    Schedule your important phone calls for a little sleep or use the minutes of dumb play. Long conversations will test your patience. When we are with the small child, we should pay attention to it. The playground, for example, is not always a good place for a friendly chat. If you are talking to a close relative, include a little sentence. Let's buy her a play phone and use her role calling: call her grandmother, doctor lady, or one of her playmate friends.
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