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Gerbie Bernes: The Banks Ignore the Facts

Gerbie Bernes: The Banks Ignore the Facts

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Gerbie Bernes told the Club about her life on Tuesday, where she spent two years in prison.

"If I contributed to a more humane system through my work, then witchcraft was beneficial" (Photo: Hungarian National)Gerйb Бgnes said that the йrtetlenьl бll нtйlet elхtt the bнrуk the hбlapйnzen alapulу, egymбst vйdх szьlйszek szakvйlemйnyйt vettйk based, although those were not the only бllнtбsa bizonyнtott- put the fьggetlen bбba keeps szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz.Az against folyу eljбrбst boszorkбnyьldцzйsnek, ъgy lбtja that the boys did not pay attention to the facts.In the interview, Gerbé Bérb also said that in her opinion, the in-parenting in the institution had improved in many ways, which could be thanks to Hungarian babies and home-based families. He thinks that if his work helped make the system fairer, more humane, there was some benefit to the witch-bullying that he was doing.Related articles from Gerbie Bbnes:
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