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Children's rights that every adult should know

Children's rights that every adult should know

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And so many others have the right. There are a few principles that if we follow, we can make our children safer.

The child has the right to say noIn the field of children's rights, significant changes have taken place in Hungary in recent years and decades, but there is always room for improvement. Many people, when they hear that children have rights, would always shake their foreheads, but that doesn't mean more than raising legal, well-informed children who can make such smart decisions. 24 has asked the Hintalovon Foundation for Children's Rights Review to include a brief guide to everyday principles that you can use to balance and balance children more safely. Well, these principles are worth taking seriously:

Not too small for me!

Children have the right to information in their inquiries, in their age, and in their messages. It is not a taboo choice, no death, no sickness, we can also speak honestly with us. There are no taboos, children have a right to honesty, information.

The child's body is цvй

The kiss is not obligatory. Kids can't touch anything, they don't have to tolerate any physical touch, including grandma's kiss, if you don't want to. Children need to be taught and respected about their own boundaries from a very early age. The Hintalov Foundation's sex education site, Yelon, is here.

Let it play!

Children have the right to free play, free time and not to be scattered every minute of the day.

My opinion counts

Children should always be asked and asked about them in a way that suits their age. Of course, there are limits: in sandals, we don't go out to hub, but many questions don't have to be decided over our heads. It is important to consider your opinions.

Don't post to Facebook!

Children have the right not to have anyone return to their studies. It is important that you do not have unnecessary digital footprint to prevent the unauthorized person from taking photos of them. You have the right to have your photos taken without your consent! When they are too small to weigh, do not be automatic in sharing anything about them.

Kimi's peeing

Children have the basic right to respect their physical needs, and they have the right to go out and pee, for example, under their eyes.

That's why we're writing a paper tomorrow

The school does not have to pay attention first and foremost. The school must serve development and learning, so that you can not prosecute, threaten or retaliate. Every child has the right to study and receive age-appropriate support for development and knowledge.

I have the right to my family

Children have the right to live in a family. Family is not necessarily an abbot and mother: every social family in which a child grows up in a safe and affectionate environment. In case of choice, the child has the right to keep in touch with both parents and should not be forbidden or alienated by either parent.

My rights will end where your ways begin

Every child has the same rights, no one has more or less. The basic principle is that my rights end where others are grieved.

No entry!

The child has the right to privacy. If you want, you can close the door on your own, have secrets and not look into your phone.

I'm safer

The child has the right to physical and emotional security. Not only in the everyday currency but also in the online space.

Not the stinger

Children have the right to sexual education. Every child has a body and the information it needs just as much as anything else. Sexuality does not only begin in sex and not in teenage years, it is from a very young age. Sexual education is an important and essential part of the physical development of the body that is needed to become a balanced adult.

No no no!

Children have the right to say no. This is good for you at a very young age, if you can practice it: you have to be given the option of not having to "eat by the word" if you are not hungry or kissing the one you don't want. The ability to say no is important to personal development and respect for our borders. At a very young age, you can learn that gender, gender, and non-negotiation are the basis.

You can't talk to me like that

Every child has the right to be respected and treated in a non-violent manner in all social environments. Child molestation is also prohibited by law, but it is highly accepted in Hungarian society. The effect of beating and any physical punishment is clearly damaging and has no positive or prolonging educational or disciplinary effect, and this has been confirmed by scientific research. Verbal punishment, verbal abusive, is less tangible, but has the same negative effect as physical punishment. Every child has the right to participate in a loving environment, in a good way.


Children under the age of 18 are entitled to children's rights. They have the right to be assisted in their learning, development, and to be safe in a society that takes into account the needs of children.
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