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Cheats for puli in 2017

Cheats for puli in 2017

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For many years now, the family has a guaranteed income for family members. We looked at who is eligible, under what conditions, and how to claim it.

Family Beatles

What are Family Beatles?

The child has to pay for the education of the child the state contributes monthly education support or education support, this is the family party.

Who and Who Eligible for Family Counterparts?

The support noun for family pigeons. Parental benefit is available even for children who are not yet enrolled, or for persons who are not yet enrolled but who are persistently ill or seriously disabled. Educational support can be applied for after a child with school age and school attendance lasts until the age of 16. However, if the child continues to study in public education, they will continue to receive benefits for up to 20 years for children with special educational needs, and for those who have the person temporarily placed in the custody of the child. The orphanage and the head of a social institution may receive benefits after the child placed there. In his or her right, a person who is eighteen years of age or who has a serious disability is entitled to education support if he or she is ill or seriously disabled. And for education support, after the school has been terminated, the student whose parents live with the parents is entitled to the right to education for up to 20 years (23 with special needs); who has dropped out of education; he who was of great age therefore ceased to be a guardian; who does not live with their parents in the household. any parent can request it, but only one child can receive support after a child. This is an exception if the parents are taking care of the child and both have parental authority: 50-50% shareable support.

How Many Family Beaters?

The amount of family parties depends on the number of children and whether the parent is raising them alone. Parents with children who are ill or have a severe disability may receive higher benefits. We have tabulated the available amounts:
Number of kidsLiving parents live togetherShe's single
3 or more16.00017.000
Ill, disabled child23.30025.900
Support eligible children, so for example, you can count one family with two children at 2x1,800 = $ 29,600. When determining the amount of family members, a child who is not eligible for support may be taken into consideration. For example, a young person over 20 years of age studying in higher education who has no income of his own. that a parent, family, or spouse is considered to be unique when it comes to family status
- a student in a public or higher education institution;
- blind persons with disabilities or disability support;
- the provision of replacement for able-bodied persons;
- involved in retirement or other activities;
And he has no other income.

The terms of the family

Family bars are for families with all children, the continuation of condition. The child obliged to preschool must go to kindergarten and the school-leaver must go to school; support is discontinued after the twentieth day of unjustified omission of the school or after the omission of the obligatory class of the fifty. You can review this decision in three months' time, meaning that the family will lose several months of unauthorized shortfalls.

How do I get the family poke?

You can apply for a family ticket using the "Request Family Tree Request" form, which can be downloaded from the National Insurance Office's website. You can submit the form in person or by post to the local government office, the local government office or your parent's office in your country of residence if you are a social security payer. By registering as a gatekeeper it is also possible to electronically register on the e-port of the Hungarian State Treasury.
- any identity document (identity card, identity card, certificate, etc.);
- foreigners with residence permits in Hungary (eg permission to move or reside, EU Blue Card);
- the marriage certificate of the spouse who lives with the parent, and the document certifying it as a registered partner;
- the decision of the child to be liable to the child.Please attach an original specimen:
- a medical certificate certifying that the child is suffering from a chronic illness or is severely handicapped;
- student / student status certificate.Family payment is due on the 10th of the following month, and your payment is due on the 3rd of the day.Assessment up to two months back You can find a lot of useful information about family insurance on the National Insurance Directorate's website.
- Parenting Support - GYET
- CSOK - Family friendly home discount


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