Five to a Go - This is a typical scrapbook

Five to a Go - This is a typical scrapbook

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Thousands are lost every year in Hungary, and women usually make their choices. According to the par therapist, surpluses are made according to a typical scrapbook.

Five to a Go - This is a typical scrapbookMichelle Weiner-Davis According to a therapist, the most fulfilling marriage could be saved, conflicts could be resolved - divany.hu. According to the therapist, the majority of choices are initiated by the overwhelming majority, and it is mainly women who decide when to marry. According to Weiner-Davis, the way a superhero reaches the end of his or her marriage is to have a typical revolutionary. They put a lot of energy into it, they organize joint programs, they talk and talk. Over time, however, marriages get worse in the rankings, prevent the child or just work. Obviously, if the purpose of the conversation is, then there is no problem, if not, then there is a big problem: women begin to notice other shortcomings in the relationship. According to the therapist, these are the sentences that we usually use to define, eg. you have not put your dirty clothes in the laundry compartment again, or it is not true that you are incapable of helping more at home, etc. And this type of communication is not very well received by the men, the mood is getting worse, and the marriage does not go to the point where the parties want to spend a lot of time together. They are trying to create a plan, to create the conditions necessary to get out. This can take years. During this period, women are not focused on solving problems, they have no conversations they have initiated, and they are trying their best to put their resources together. And the males misinterpret the situation: they think that there is no big deal. At this point, the men start working to somehow save their marriage. Unfortunately, in most cases, this happens very soon. In this case, the therapist tries to get the man's efforts to work, but often he fails.What's the advice of a therapist? Most of all, spending time together and being in the middle of a marriage is decisive in a marriage, because it is easy to fall in love with someone, to keep it and to build it.Related articles in our selection:
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