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10 months after birth, Usain Bolt sets record for athlete

10 months after birth, Usain Bolt sets record for athlete

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Here's the proof that moms are super heroes! Allyson Felix, an Olympic sprinter, not only broke Usain Bolt's record, but did so 10 months after the birth.

10 months after birth, Usain Bolt's record was broken by an athlete (Photo: Instagram) by Allyson, an American sprinter who recently won the 12th World Championship gold medal, and according to CNN, has the most wins in the world. All this was less than 1 year after the athlete had brought her baby to life and had to spend her days in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. His results seem even more impressive when one considers that a sports legend like Usain Bolt was ahead of him. The athlete shortly after winning the competition, she posted a post with the inscription that this is my baby:
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this one is for all my baby mamas ?? #worldathleticschamps

Posted by Allyson Felix (@ af85) on Sep 30, 2019 at 10:25 AM (according to PDT timezone)

Alyson had a difficult pregnancy and childbirth despite taking care of herself, eating correctly, paying attention to her lifestyle and resting well. The pregnancy went to the hospital at week 32 because her blood pressure was very high and the baby's heart rate slowed down - because she did not improve, she had an emergency cesarean section 48 hours later. - I wonder how much the priorities can change in these fateful moments. I didn't care if I could run again at all, except that my baby Camryn was okay, so I just prayed.
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today i? ll step on the starting line for the first time in over a year. it might sound cliche, but making it there for me is a huge victory? almost 8 months ago this was my entire world. staying in the NICU all day & night watching my baby girl fight. i can still hear the beeping and alarms of the machines. the uncertainty. the fear? there were a lot of days i wasn? t sure this was going to be possible. i worked harder than i even knew i could. there were tears, frustration and doubt. at times it felt like everything was against me? so today i? m far from my best, but i? m grateful for this opportunity and to experience the joy of competing again? more than anything i thank God we are healthy.

Posted by Allyson Felix (@ af85) on Jul 25, 2019 at 9:43 pm (PDT timezone)

But Allyson was lucky enough to run again when his baby was 8 months old, and he was back at the start line - and motherhood probably made it even better, even stronger. The baby and the motherhood were very inspirational: in August, for example, they inspired more women athletes to join them in a Nike call asking them to change to sports.Related links:


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