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Hair Loss - When to Go to Immunology

Hair Loss - When to Go to Immunology

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In the fall, it is natural for us to lose more hair while training or washing our hair. As the hair continues to regenerate, we can see more intense hair loss these months and spring.

Hair Loss - When to Go to ImmunologyThe problem occurs when the lost hairs are not replaced by new hairs, so that the hair crown is constantly diminishing. Where to turn to an immunologist for this problem, dr. Kбdбr Jбnost, the Immunocentre's chief medical officer.

It may have a hormonal cause

If no new hairs grow straight in line with the rate of hair loss, the hair becomes thinner. A process that affects both men and women typically occurs first on the head. The examination of complaints is also justified in this case: in addition to hormonal problems in the backyard, there may also be vitamin, mineral deficiency, and fungal infections. Stress can also cause sudden hair loss, which can affect the entire scalp, but certain drugs or treatments, such as chemotherapy, can cause hair loss to extend to the entire body area.

When immunologic examination is required

From an immunological point of view the importance of hair loss in patches, in this case, a complex investigation is required to detect any complaints that may be causing the complaint. Spotted hair loss has no regard for age and gender can apply to anyone. Symptoms usually develop suddenly from one day to the next. The ancient origin of alopecia, according to the ancient Greek language, is "a morbid disease", referring to the process of wounding twice a year in carnivores. Meaning of areata: It appears in patches or circles. Spotted hair loss can also affect the eyes, mustache, and specialist areas. Hair loss may also be a result of the skin's itchy, itchy sensation. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease in which the cells of the trigeminal tract are recognized by the immune system as foreign matter and continue to be destroyed by cellular defenses.


The exact causes of the disease are not known, but the majority of the affected can be characterized by a family history of migration: one affected person also has a family history of the disease. Mбs autoimmune diseases can also increase the risk of developing them: people affected or their families have usually experienced some other form of congestion, such as SLE or atypia. The illness is emotionally stressful, with great mental stress. And stress also aggravates existing complaints, so it is important to start treatment as soon as possible.


The vast majority of patients who contacted me usually went to several specialist causes to find out about the causes - reports the Immune Center Chief. In the case of hair loss in patches, patients primarily think of goiter or inflammation in the body. Majorities have already come to see the urology, gynecology, otolaryngology, dentist. There may have been almond vomiting, but healing was still delayed.

Management options

It is important to examine whether there is an inflammatory process or allergic origin, and what other causes may be associated with the findings, the patient's medical history, and family history of illnesses. In many cases, the chosen cause cannot be discovered, and there is nothing more than a local, local immuno-blocking agent: it is possible to choose an agent that does not affect the body as a whole, has no systemic effect, and does not work locally. Examining and starting treatment as soon as possible is extremely important, as you can stop the loss of hair if you find the right medicine in time.
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