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MemуriatrйningPlay a good one too!

MemуriatrйningPlay a good one too!

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Do you forget something? Don't you remember where you put your kid's raincoat, stay at home with the book, and not buy what you originally went to in the store? Then, play memoir with your parody!

When you forget about the umpteenth meeting, when you have lunch for the third time in a week, and you take your child to your grandparents to pack everything for safety, you just forget about your shoes at home, Signs of mental decline are multiplying. You make long lists of things to do, but you also leave the list somewhere. Tie a knot in your handkerchief, advise your acquaintance, but you just look at it with a handkerchief? I always forget it at home! And, of course, who has the time to ponder over it, why the knot is in the handkerchief! You may have already realized that you were enthusiastic about explaining something or wanting to say and say, and that thought just disappeared from the back corner of your brain. What was I going to say ?! You also meet someone who smiles enthusiastically, waves, but you have no idea who you know and where you know him, or at best you know him, but where?

Pair Parenting, Public Transportation, Fairytale Talk, Cat Gathering, Memorial Games - Try it out!

You do not need to be so disoriented that you take the time to develop a little memory. To the one who simply is suffering from everyday forgetfulness, you probably only need a small instrumental brain gymnast, just as targeted a development as we can do in the gym with our muscles. No or little extra time for the following exercises, but regular, possibly daily, or at least several times a week, but it sounds better to call it games, it is important to have the right effect, which is nothing more than a performance increase in memorial. Play with your couple and the kids, and have fun!

A couple of babysitters

Come on, say hello to your son, always acknowledging the previous ones. How hard have you got so far? It is even more interesting for you to narrow the list of words that can be used, for example, it can only be related to animals, cooking, transport.


Look closely for about 20 seconds a you are facing a passenger or a blind person. Afterwards, close your eyes, and recall at least ten details (the shape of the glasses, the hair, the clothes and so on). You can do the same with your family members: can you tell me what they were recording today?


They also need to be the lowest if you play three, which is more exciting. Whoever's on the line, You can tell a fictional story for 30 seconds. Your companion's job is to continue where you left off and then give them thirty seconds, and then continue. Of course, a coherent, colorful story only emerges from this if you have watched each other's tales and continue to do so, not just tell the story. Not so easy!


Get around the apartment quickly and drop one in a small basket all sorts of laughsthat gets in the way. Cover it afterwards and put it on a sheet, remembering what's in the basket. Then you can put your collection in front of your children or your couple: watch for ten to fifteen seconds, then cover it and list how much you remember!


You need to find the cards that face down So you can only watch two at a time and then quickly translate. The kids are doing really well in this genre! If you have a little time, a business, a little art calendar, or a postcard, you can make something more complicated and interesting. Cut out the different details of a painting (two each) and stick it on small cardboard squares! This makes it harder to find matching pairs.