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So prepare your child for vaccination

So prepare your child for vaccination

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We collected a few tips to help ease the tension in your child.

We are well aware that visiting a doctor is usually unpleasant, as the children are already tense, frightened and excited in the hallway. But whether you are looking for an exam, a vaccine, or a bloodshed, we know that as much as you want, we can't avoid them. After all, they are all in the best interest of the child. What kind of parent wouldn't have his / her heart wrinkled when the little one looks at her with a light face?

So create a relaxed atmosphere

Let's take to the doctor an item that the child loves and makes himself or herself feel safe. It can be your favorite blanket, a toy, a book, anything that can comfort your child. With the bigger ones, we can be honest as soon as we can, telling him that the sadness he gets will be an unpleasant sensation, it may even sting at first, but fortunately the pain will soon disappear.It is worth telling or singing, the point is to distract the child, do not follow the doctor or the buddy with what he or she is going to do! We can also make eye contact with him, ask us to just look at us, talk to him, or just talk to him. After the injection, It is very important that parents do not get nervous before the vaccine, because their tension sticks to the child, which only adds to the stress in the child.

After the shit

Take care of the little one and feel free to praise what this guy was like. The kid's skin may be red or swollen, but you don't have to worry about it. These reactions are natural and usually go away quickly. Cold, damp clothes might work on the area, but if the child gets cuddly, we also have some ideas for it, which is summarized here. (VIA)Related articles in the vaccine topic:
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