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Watering can for kids

Watering can for kids

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We collected a couple of nice little rigmas for the little ones and the little ones. It's time to learn!

I'm still small,
I don't know a poem.
Then the big ones come,
They say.Kom-bomk, rowan;
Smelly Easter morning.
We shot the flower,
I'm back with the hook.
I'm waiting for eggs,
If they don't give,
I'm a little gardening girl,
I'm watering with Roosevelt.
So I water the girls,
Like gardening the flowers. Red egg, white bunny,
I'm kissing the kiss.I'm a little student, I don't want much,
I'm waiting for a couple of eggs, and I'll start with that. Now, baby, I'll say happy birthday to you today,
Welcome the two cheeks like red roses.
The fragrant rye acid increases the girls,
In my pocket I find red eggs. Roses, roses are beautiful flowers,
He leans in a lame wind.
Shoot in the sun,
I smelled you, smelling it.

I'm waiting for a couple of eggs and I start with it ...

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