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The number of those married under 30 dropped to one third

The number of those married under 30 dropped to one third

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A total of 50,572 marriages were contracted in 2017, with a third between 25 and 34 years.

The number of marriages under 30 decreased by one third The number of marriages began to grow in 2010, after a fifteen year slope, and in 2016 it reached the level of ten years ago. The age groups shifted their mood by 5 to 10 years, And the number of households started to drop again after the 2016 peak. Now we probably can't wait for another shower because of the support - it's like 24th. that was the thing. About three-quarters of women went to their husbands in their 20s, 30s, and for men, this figure covers the age range of 25 and 44 years. Women were most likely to be in their own age group or among men older than one.

Tens of them were under 30 years old

24 years ago, there were nearly as many marriages as in 2017: however, in 1995, there were thirty-seven of them, thirty years younger than all, this two years of fire was true for just about four cousins ​​(13,280 in total).In 2017, three and half as many girls claimed their marriage under the age of 18 as son: 1,120 and 325, respectively. The largest age group was four couples, with women over the age of 25-29 being married to men over 80. There were five couples this year when the married parties were all over 80.

The tax benefit had a positive effect

The number of households began to decline rapidly after 2006, returning to the 1995 level in just a few years after the 2010 flashpoint. The House voted at the end of 2014 to extend the Personal Income Tax Law for First Householders as of January 1, 2015, and will continue to be enacted by law in 2014. This is a $ 62,500 deduction for two dependents, and a deduction of $ 206,250 from the tax base for three other dependents. It amounted to 38,000 marriages in 2014 In 2015, as many as 46,000 people were decided to officially combine their lives - So the changes had their effect. 95% of 2017 kцtцtt hбzassбgok of mindkйt fйlnek elsх or mбsodik volt.A hбzassбgok szбma fell slightly in 2016 utбn, but the feltehetхleg csalбdi otthonteremtйsi kedvezmйny kibхvнtйsйnek йs young pбrokat megcйlzу babavбrу tбmogatбsnak kцszцnhetхen not vбrhatу drastic csцkkenйs.

This is how the number of elections has evolved

In 2017, the number of requests was 18,495: two-thirds of couples after ten years of marriage, and between ten and seven years, the number of divorces is the same as in one year after marriage.The ratio of one-year expectation has not changed significantly, in 1995 and 2017, it was just over 1%, while the expectation for the three years fell from 11% to 9.6%. In 1995, 25% of marriages were lost, compared with only 17.8% in 2017. The most surprising figure is that for 24 years, at least ten years before marriage have preceded every second election, by 2017 this was already true for two thirds of the elections.Connected to our friends