Let's focus on your contribution, not your IQ

Let's focus on your contribution, not your IQ

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Lexical knowledge, high IQ, does not seem to be enough for a child to live up to their currency. There are three things that are more important to getting a job done.

Let's focus on your contribution, not your IQIf you haven't heard of it, Philippines has recently come out with an annual search to find out which school they prefer. And what's surprising about this? That the edge is not one of the top 4 institutions. The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) has become the most popular - the most recent graduates are enrolled here.The summary published on job.It appeared in an article on Mac Vengco Bergantin, who is currently head of marketing start-up HR, said he was much more interested in meeting graduate students who were not from the top 4 universities, but were from lesser-known institutions, more than many. And they are more open to new knowledge. They want to love the name of the profession, but know that it will not be easy to get them to the top. Bergantin. "Of course, a resume or good university easily leads you to interview a person for a job interview, but whether or not to hire him or her will be decided and his or her character decided," he adds. Personality is more important than IQ or where somebody went to school. And personality changes and changes from a very young age. Research shows that at the age of one, the child "takes a sample" of how his or her parents handle a problem and how they approach hard work. Babies who see a parent struggle with a task and succeed in solving it, are much more persistent in their own little baby's world of problems. So what are some of the traits that your child should grow up to have in order to have a better fit?

1. Flexibility

"The flexibility of a person's learning, experience, and training determines how successful he or she will be in life," he says. Dean Becker President and CEO of Adaptiv Learning Systems. Flexibility is the ability to recover after failures or other negative events (in the case of a child, such as a bad ticket or a competition score). Resilient people deal with the natural causes of failure in life, so they learn rather than be bitter.

2. Subtlety

"The place where they graduate often gives young people a false sense of superiority" - Dedet Reyes Panabi in an article published on A CEO of a Canadian digital agency, Matt FieldsIn an interview with Matt, Matt said: "Students at exclusive universities are often unwilling to put extra energy into anything. derogбl them. " Above all, studying outside of big-name universities "has the in-house preparation to prove it."

3. Perseverance

"Unfortunately, graduates from big universities often lack the ability to persevere," Bergantin says. "Long-term passion and perseverance. The ability to pursue the same goal every day, not just for a week, not just a month, but for long, long years," he explains. Angela Lee Duckworth pszicholуgus. In other words, a persistent job does not just terminate your workplace because it is criticized by your boss or because you sometimes have to pay it off. If someone is persistent, you know that a successful job has to be worked hard for years.

+1. Don't be a helicopter!

It is very important that we do not "fly" the parent over the child, satisfying every need. Micro-management of the life of our child leads us to depend 100% on the meaning of our life. Do not permanently solve the problem, because it will not help you in the long run, it will make the later adult life much more difficult.Related articles in parenting:
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