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EC method: Biliary from the first month

EC method: Biliary from the first month

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The diaper seems to be essential for the baby. Sure? In 75 countries around the world, babies are not diapered, but a completely different method is used. The EC Room Cleanliness Guide has become increasingly popular. We'll show you how it works.

EC method, or puli instead of puliThe bigger your baby is, the more expensive you are to barely expect the diaper to go away. Especially if you are steady already, or you may be ready for wisdom. Today, children will be very clean at different ages, and it is not uncommon for their three-year-olds to become nappy-free around them. This is largely due to the disposable diapers that are comfortable for both parents and children. Your attitude has also changed: many professionals and parents alike emphasize that you should not force the process to wait until your child is ready to be we had to bother with textile diapers, and we did not have to wash our hands, we cook, our parents pressed their kids to get used to the party as much as possible.If by the age of one day it has become room clean.It seems that the baby needs a diaper. Sure? In 75 countries around the world, babies are not diapered, but they use a completely different method, which seems strange at first, from Europe to Africa. In Africa, Latin America, learn when your child will be encouraged. For example, in Vietnamese families, infants use billions of children by the age of 9 months. Or, think of those natural days where you don't use diapers at all, but somehow the weekdays work. Although you don't expect this to be the norm, more and more parents are overwhelmed by it. EC method (short for English elimination communication).The basic principle of the method is that the baby naturally signs before giving birth. If the parent can decode it, he or she is able to react to the baby's signs in time. After figuring out that your baby will love to put it on a party or a fun so you don't have to wear diapers in Canada, for example, you have to use this method for a while. it is a request that this may work in practice, since we do not live in the woods, oops, we should crouch once if the need arises. Many people do this by using diapers (for example, at night), but they pay attention to the baby's signs, rhythm and when the moment comes, they wanna wear the b method, it is reported that if we observe that every baby has a rhythm to the waking: after breastfeeding or eating, many babies are cuddling, peeing, waking up after the morning, but they also indicate , spit out your nipple, and then put it back in your mouth ... - all of which may indicate that you will be pregnant soon. A tiny baby can't survive, so the solution is to keep the baby feet, a week for the parent. The back is so supported, and the addictive situation helps the process, which is clear. Many people report that their baby has never had a stomach, and this is attributed to EC-s, that the baby should not lie flat on his back.How difficult can it be in practice? Those who use this method should say that it is not at all difficult, as they are all over the day and they can quickly and reliably recognize the signs that need to be sought after a bill.It is important to emphasize we can forget about the diaper altogether, because for a long time, at night or when there is no toilet available or close by for potty use, these children also have diapers in public. It may be a bit like getting a bigger room for cleanliness - you won't be worried about traveling on long trips, but not during the day when you can have a baby. Actually, this is also the case with EC: the baby is also giving birth, but communicating it without saying it. much less diapers are sold, the baby recognizes his or her own bodily signs by giving the parent an immediate answer to his or her signs (Sources used:, Okomama.)Related articles in Room Cleanliness:
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