The nine-grade school and the new curriculum are coming

The nine-grade school and the new curriculum are coming

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The vision, which had already been planned, seems to materialize: from 2019, the government would introduce a nine-elementary elementary school and radically rethink the previous National Core Curriculum.

There is a nine-grade school

This was announced after the open-air Roundtable Palkovich Labszlou Secretary of State for Education. The profession was largely decided Zoltá BalogAccording to the Minister of Human Resources, a a nine-grade school is neededbut they are still arguing about whether a four-year kindergarten, a full-time elementary school or a 3 + 3 + 3-year elementary school would be your solution. According to Zoltán Balog, the "nine-grade school" Preschool "According to the minister, the transition is always the most difficult: going from school to school, usually the next level from school to school, you lose a lot of skills, so they came to this solution. Cheers Valeria, the Commissioner said that the development of basic skills would be accomplished by this extra course, kindergarten and school breaks Asked for the index, Laszlo Palkovich said: We need to look at how an extra course affects the school age that is now 16 years old. With the introduction of the nine-year elementary school, Consider the National Core Curriculum. At the heart of this is, in addition to lexical knowledge, useful knowledge, children's emotional and emotional development, and the linking of subject-specific knowledge to the subject, is indexed by the Index. The NAT will be the subject of a professional debate, as the government is interested in all the views it has. New plans will require school upgrades and more educators. We have transformed the education and training of educators. Researcher Peter Radad, a university educator, said in a previous interview to that "The idea of ​​a nine-grade school is only an alibi." Among opposition parties, the MSZP called the introduction of a nine-grade school a distraction.
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