A kid is never too small to travel

A kid is never too small to travel

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"You will never remember it" - many people say that it is not worth traveling to a child before the age of 10, just wasting our time, because the child is left with no condition. But is that really the case?

A kid is never too small to travel

We know that for young children, routine and habits are important because they make them feel safe. But just as important is getting to know the "other", the stranger, and experiencing the discovery experience. In order for a child to learn that because something is unknown, it is not necessarily bad, even at a very young age, to meet new things.It is best to start practicing this "as early as in childbirth" . Research has proven that babies can distinguish their mother tongue from other languages ​​at the time of birth and naturally prefer their own. By the age of seven months, they begin to prefer foods that are familiar to them, and by 15 months they prefer to play with children who speak their own language, rather than strangers. We can go anywhere, and it is not surprising at home to hear more foreign languages ​​than Hungarians walking down Váci Street. Because many aspects the early years have the power of the most personal form, it is very important that during this period, what kind of experiences and experiences a small child will gain. Most of them, from the age of 4-6, keep their first memories, which they are really able to remember. So, at a time when we are really fluent, we are able to speak flawlessly. Prior to this, a small child's linguistic knowledge is rather primitive, instead of just a few words, and he keeps his memories in the form of senses - in the form of images, smells, smells, sounds, touches. Because these very early memories are from our language-free age, we find it difficult to find words when we try to remember them. In spite of this, these barely revitalized memory shades are very important foundations for the person we are now, having grown up.

Traveling is a fantastic experience for the little ones

Well before a child develops his or her true memory, he or she is very good at exploring the world Through their letters. Keeps the soft sand beneath his soles, the subtle beach breeze, recognizes that there are people who do not speak his language and do not whiten the skin. Later, not all of them will scare you and look weird, but you can handle the greatest naturalness in the world. The sooner, the more "newness", the other, a child encounters, the more adult he or she becomes, the more open he or she becomes. He or she learns that the unknown and the change are not something terribly bad, but excitement and yeahthat is the essence of life. That's why it's never too early to travel with a little kid, because he'll remember and learn from him, just as he does with each of the abilities he gets at this early stage of his life!
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