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She's my pediatrician

She's my pediatrician

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We were new residents in the district, I was expecting my first baby, I had no idea who to choose as a pediatrician. Our defender said that he thinks Boglárka of Poland fits us. I didn't even know how right he was then!

We just have something! thought Imola Geng, the mother of two and a half year olds, and the mother of Botond, 13 months old, after the first meeting.

She's my pediatrician
Dr. Boglárka of Poland
He began his medical studies at Pécs, then completed his studies at SOTE. Twenty-two of her pediatricians. He has worked in rural hospitals, national institutions and now as a general practitioner. His teenage years deal with homeopathic medicine.
He has taught homeopathic remedies for many years to doctors, parents, pharmacists, nurses. They have two teenage children, Esther and Marci. He is a lawyer, he maintains a Japanese calligraphy club, studies fairytale therapy, and occasionally takes his bag back to head over to the eastern world. As they put it: they are looking.

Wake up calm

We took Borok home from the hospital on Sunday, and the doctor came to visit the little newborn on Monday morning. Dad worked, my mother cooked for us, and in bed with the little one who had either just slept or sucked, had no choice, and had such a festive, familiar atmosphere the first morning at home. It was great to know that this goat was not disturbed by the doctor's arrival.
Although its appearance is delicate, sweet, soothing my children, not white cape, but a harmonious, oriental mood. The kids always sweep their eyes wide open to see what nice things they are wearing. Of course, our favorites are the light necklaces.
Natural solutions
Our doctor never forced us to take unnecessary intervention, medicine. It was a pleasure and a surprise for me to find out, on the internet, that you were also engaged in homeopathy. I have been healing myself many times with the help of home berries, but I only used it for children when asked for this guide. Pure small bodies can overcome infections and other health problems with incredible success with homeopathy.
We understand that the doctor does not consider her to be an irresponsible mother, which has been solved with tiny drops and lavender creamy nasal massaging, rather than rinsing of small canal canal obstruction.
Watching the build
And I think every mother in a shoe like this knows what a good thing it is that a very thin Borúka baby did not boost her growth with her body, but instead watched the child's body and, of course, her parents. The first week of Borcsika was a bit exhausting and small, but we got confidence because he was suckling and he was happy to do it until 17 months ago. Very rarely ill. Of course, no two fears escaped us. Borchi has had bladder disease. Yes, I needed antibiotics and a lot of fluids. The latter was not easy for the little two. Luckily, the doctor just had a little porcelain fox hanging around in the boy's house, with whom he could drink a lot of water at home, because he is very fond of it. Borcsika has already done this.
And a little vinaigrette that can't always be put on the exam table clings to me so much that I can keep it in my head. He draws in, talks to him, and tells him what's going to happen to him. This is most often worthwhile. The fact that I can reach him every time by SMS, e-mail is just icing on the cake. I think it is the opinion of our doctor that his work is a good example of how to counterbalance the often pitiful conditions of health with kindness, care, and color.
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