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Eczema, Allergy, Dyslexia, Hyperactivity - Can You Cure It With Diet?

Eczema, Allergy, Dyslexia, Hyperactivity - Can You Cure It With Diet?

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New approach to the symptoms described above. Is it possible to change the children's routine in advance?

What is GAPS?

THE GAP syndrome it overlaps with the concept of cultural diseases. Most inflammation, skin disease, and behavioral disorders can be traced back to this. Nйvadуja, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a neurologist who went into the kitchen with a child diagnosed with autism on the rock, and convinced him of the value of simple noodles.

Inttel intolerance or allergy?


GAP syndrome in very small babies can be a sign of stomach or eczema. The reason for this is that they are unable to digest their diets, sometimes even during breastfeeding. When the proportion of microorganisms in the small cell is shifted to the pathogen, when the wall of the small cell becomes dehydrated, and white blood cells between its sperm cells enter the bloodstream, inflammation occurs in the body. Typically in the ear, the bladder, and the wells. Mikцzben complaints antibiotics, steroids gyуgyнtjбk the gyуgyszerek tovбbb pusztнtjбk emйsztйst segнtх baktйriumokat.Kisgyermek the age of tъlzott vбlogatуssбg or alultбplбltsбg may indicate that there is a problem, ovisoknбl, and the kisiskolбsoknбl ьgyetlenkedйsrхl the figyelemzavarrуl ismerhetjьk the GAP szindrуmбt. Lesser reading and anxiety, inability to eat, and food intolerance and allergies occur. The reason is that due to poor digestion, the casein and gluten morphine derivatives are formed in the child's gut and pass through the bloodstream into the child's brain. At that time, the most GAPSIn children, signs of anemia, vitamin and mineral deficiencies may be readily apparent.
THE GAP syndrome Apart from the one-sidedness of eating, at school and at youth, it also manifests itself in the form of poorly controlled passions and profound moods.
In adulthood, depression, inflammation of the digestive tract and in the business, as well as the general weakness, suppression of warning signs.
The charity evening helped people with GAP syndrome to recognize that the syndrome that they have been diagnosed as dyslexia, hyperactivity, eczema, allergy or depression can be traced back to.
Everyone in Hungary lives in their environment GAP syndrome human. They treat their symptoms with medicines that cause even more serious side effects. Referring to therapies that increase disease awareness, the importance of nutrition is becoming increasingly important. There is no way out of these environmental conditions It is a cure for GAP syndrome, which requires the whole family to work together, and for the most part, the whole family needs it.
Your medicine a GAPS diet, which has three important tasks. On the one hand, it repairs the irritated and sore digestive system, restores the interior wall unit, and reinstates the playful interior. THE GAPS diet its most important role is to repair beef steak, which can only be obtained by consuming thoroughly cooked vegetables, meats, and broths. Then, weeks, and even months later, fermented meals, for example, can come. yoghurts, kefir. It is forbidden to consume grain and starch during the diet.
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