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So save money in the household! - 10 dude's tip

So save money in the household! - 10 dude's tip

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In our new series, we will try to break down by areas useful and simple tips on where to save money in your household.

Washing, washing dishes, water heating

- Water heaters (boiler, boiler) should be regularly removed from the water.
- Pack your dishwasher and washing machine as much as possible before you start - but do not add more than the allowable amount.
- Generally, we use too many detergents for washing: it is worth trying to avoid the same effect with less chemicals.
- Avoid excessive length and high temperature programs, prewash. Instead, soak the laundry before washing and / or use a stain remover. This is often the case in homes with children, and is already required by every washing program. It seems bizarre, yet a perfect solution to bile soap. For those who are not so shy, they can work with traditional laundry soap.


- Natural methods of cleaning go into the fractions of chemicals and even the environment, though sometimes they are much more macerated and used. If you feel like home picking, you can find simple "recipes" at these links:
- The use of microfibre cloths reduces the cost of cleaning wet cleaners, is washable and can be used for a long time. For window cleaning, /// articles / fullpage / little kid / household_cleaners_a_ most dangerous_a_small? Aid = 20100806120108 for example, tile washing with clean water.
- As mentioned above about detergents, in many cases, the manufacturer recommends adding more chemicals than is really necessary, so it's worth trying the smallest amount.
- The opposite is true, of course: there are often more concentrated drugs that are more expensive, but less so.
- In-store branded products are often of the same quality as their branded counterparts. In many cases, there is no need to use some chemicals: for example, rinse aid when using water or hard water in your home.

Cleaning is not a woman's heart


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