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Men can also apply for a new interest-free loan

Men can also apply for a new interest-free loan

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Another detail of the tens of millions of interest-free loans is that men can claim child support for their young marriages and that the age limit is not applied to them.

Men can also apply for a new parenting loanMen can also take advantage of child support for young housewives. It doesn't matter if all of them are divorced, unless they have an unborn child, said Katalin Novák, the secretary of the family responsible for family and youth. According to this, even if the male or the unmarried child was not born, but were previously married, they can still receive the 10 million HUF interest-free subsidy. In addition, males are not subject to the age requirement of 18-40 years. For example, if a married woman under 40 is divorced and is married to a first married couple, they may be in need of support. Every other relationship is taken up by the couple, and it is important. up to $ 10 million in interest-free, free-of-charge loans will be available from July until the end of 2022. If a child is born within five years of the loan being applied for, the loan may continue to be repaid free of charge and the repayment shall be suspended for a period of three years. From the second child's birth, they will suspend repayment for three more years and release 30 percent of their capital. When the third child is born, the remainder of the loan is completely forfeited. If there is no child born within five years, you can live, ”the secretary of state said.
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