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Also smaller in April

Also smaller in April

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We bring together new gifts, discounts, and the safest tips for parents of premature babies to make the weekdays easier.

8.2 percent!

Nearly eight thousand of the ninety thousand newborns a year are born before the 37th week of pregnancy, but after the 24th week, and less than 2500 grams. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst rates in Europe.
Korapelus for the tiny garlic
It is largely useful for up to three weight loss, much more comfortable, more fitting for a tiny baby than a breaststroke on the chest, which has been compared to a well-liked level. Available in several brands (Libero, Moltex, Bella Baby Happy), we recommend that you do not hesitate.
You must head too!
Up-to-date, high-performing breast milk can be maintained for up to several months, and when needed, milk production can be boosted. Unfortunately, milking is not an inexpensive event and cannot be supported with OEP at this time. It's worth considering what's better for you: buy it, sell it, or hire it.
- Medela Lactina Electric Plus breast price: 220 000 Ft, price 265 Ft / day + around 7900 Ft the two-headed Lactas, which you can use later on. If you breastfeed all of your breasts at the same time, your milking time will be reduced by twenty percent! You also need to add a $ 10,000 deposit to the cost of your stay.
- Medela Symphony It costs 415 Ft / day + caucas and the 7900 Ft Lactase.
- Practical backpack (easy to use wherever you are), jacuzzi, two-stroke electric breastplate Medela Pump in Style, $ 50, if you want your own breast. If you are planning on a long haul or with more children, you will be well worth it.

Medela Pump in Style

Breastfeeding, shopping
You will find a list of resellers on the homepage of your distributor, for sale.
Dress Up!
The smallest ones are 44 and 50. Baby clothes manufacturers have thought about them! It is true, however, that there must be at least two glances so that these things will only lighten the baby. For babies lighter than three kittens, 50 is the best size for the first few weeks. At most big baby clothes (Brendon, Kangaroo Gold) you can get such small clothes, but there is a specialized webshop for this: you can find it all in one place!
1. That raised size family boots: Parents who are ill or have a severe disability may request it from their parents. Premature babies under 1,500 grams reach the age of three. In particular, we would like to emphasize that in the latter case, the child does not need to be permanently ill. It was enough if the birth weight was low. There are also several benefits for raised family bars:
  • With the help of an adult carrier you can travel free of charge in Budapest by public transport even after the age of six. The certificate received from the Hungarian Treasury shall be presented to the inspector.
  • On the train, on the coaches, there is a 90 percent discount for children and adults.
  • Exempt from the machine.
  • General medical certificate in Alanya law.
  • Biscuit, kindergarten and school meals with 50 percent discount, and in many places complete cost.
  • Free school textbook.
  • Free parking for parents under 1500 grams up to the age of three.
  • Gбzбrtбmogatбs.
  • Water and sewerage support.
  • Regular child protection benefit.

2. Childcare assistance: if your baby is not only premature, but permanently ill or seriously disabled, this benefit is not for three, but for ten years.
And also: free milk for premature babies from breast milk to eight months of age.
Who helped bring back the bad?
Also read about our development opportunities!
Small mouth, big nipple

This contradiction may, for a long time, make breastfeeding more difficult. Try Avent's butterfly, mini-size nipples, if bare-breasted failures are a failure, or if your baby is used to baby bottles. Several tests have proven that this can help the suckling babies more efficiently! If your baby is a little bigger, try it again and again!
This helped the little ones
1. Kangaroo
The baby is naked on his mother's or father's naked chest, well covered, and left for longer. Benefits, wonderful effects, could make rumblings! They have been used successfully worldwide, saving millions of lives of babies, helping with breastfeeding, starting breastfeeding, increasing milk volume, but still more rare. You have to ask, and if you don't, let's start at home. Never! It is also worth checking out for pictures only:
2. Breast milk
Although premature moms are in a particularly difficult situation, don't give up! Begin milking within the 24 urns following birth, at least six times a day. It requires extra careful hand washing, warm water to clean your breasts, and perfectly clean headgear once a day and a sterile storage container. Send the skimmed milk to the baby, labeled, dated, refrigerated.


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