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It increases children's IQ if their father is concerned with them

It increases children's IQ if their father is concerned with them

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Important information for newborn fathers is that spending time with their children can influence the mental development of their little ones.

The father-child relationship is also very important

British researchers conducted a study of 128 fathers from three months to two years old, and found that the father had played and played many more games during the first few months. lead research in the Infant Mental Health Journal Paul Ramchandani, a professor at the Medical Faculty at Imperial College London, said the study clearly showed how important the role of the Fathers was children in their first few months, and the amount of positive returns they receive and the positive benefits they receive from the caring care they receive.

: in other ways, the father acts on the child

Some studies also say it's important not to stress your family too much because it also affects your child's development. It has been observed that a child raised by a father who is spanking childhood and stressful has poorer language skills up to 3 years of age than a father who is calmer.You may also be interested in these articles:
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