The influenza epidemic is raging, with the largest number of patients in the capital

The influenza epidemic is raging, with the largest number of patients in the capital

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Influenza is on the rise, with 123 people being hospitalized, with 27 in the intensive care unit. There are several hospitals in the country that are banned from visiting. The influenza is mainly caused by type B influenza.

The influenza epidemic is raging, with the largest number of patients in the capitalIn one week, the number of influenza patients doubled to 27 in the intensive care unit, there are 19 hospitals. He is also in the Department of Medicine, the Hungarian Army Health Center, and the St. Imre County Medical Center. There are many towns and cities in the county that have a ban on visiting, such as in Szolnok, Hatvan, Szekesfehervar, Jászberény, Veszprém, Vas counties, and in the 15th century in Budapest. . Those who come to the community are more exposed to the law, so are children and active young adults. The most vulnerable are over the age of 65. In addition, children, pregnant women and chronic patients (especially those suffering from cardiovascular disease) are among the most vulnerable groups. Most patients have the usual symptoms: sudden high fever, falls, breathing complaints, limb and muscle pain. Children may have digestive problems. It may be common to have dry, persistent cough after the flu.
There is no cure for flu, the symptoms can only be alleviated (fever, headache). If you feel unwell, seek medical attention to avoid the possibility of bleeding (eg pneumonia), and then consume plenty of fluids. You should not go into the flu with flu and stay at home. The most effective solution against flu is to ask if it is worth giving it to Origo Jelinek is Benjbmin The home doctor said that if the flu virus lasts for weeks, it is worthwhile, because it takes 2 weeks for the emergency.Related articles about influenza:
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