Natural History Library in the Mtra Museum (X)

Natural History Library in the Mtra Museum (X)

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In Gyöngyös, beside the 24 leading to the Mátra, there is the Mtra Museum of the Hungarian Museum of Natural History, which has the second largest collection of natural science in Hungary.

At the beginning of the two-year-old, the institution awaits its vendors in two buildings, a classicist Orczy castle and a modern three-dimensional science pavilion. In the middle there is a 2 hectare garden, where you can get acquainted with the characteristic plants of the milking unit, as well as the actively presented area.In the 21st century, a museum not only has the task of collecting and presenting the values ​​of its domain, but is also active in the area of ​​public education. At the Mtra Museum, it is our goal that children - and adults through them - become aware of their environment, consciously live their everyday life, and understand the processes around them. With this goal in mind, EFOP-3.3.6-17-2017-00001 "Knowledge of nature - of course in the Mtra Museum! " In the course of a major project, in 2018, the Orczy Castle has been transformed into a multi-storied center of excellence, waiting for the merits. They can learn about the drylands and aquatic life, the depth of the Miocene Sea, or the causes and processes of volcanic formation. You can visit the "depths" of a baby where you can explore the geological, geological, and treasures of the Mtra. You can get an insight into one's nature-based activity, get a picture of how the Carpathian Basin has evolved today, and learn about how climate change affects the natural world and its natural environment.Anyone who visits a museum can take part in an exciting field trip, which you can explore in the middle and discover the millions of years of experience with the help of interactive tools. For the public, it is the focal point until the end of the project's educational programs (until the end of 2020), so far only during weekends and school holidays.Come to us! Search, Learn, Get New Standings! Welcome to the Mtra Museum!


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