Fresh air - aeration and relocation

Fresh air - aeration and relocation

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When the baby is in the fresh air, he gets better at sleeping and sleeping much more calmly. Every mom knows that. But what's worth paying attention to in aeration?

It is also important to ventilate your baby

The baby also needs fresh air

After we are born, we gradually accustom the baby to the air. First, we open the window in your room for a few minutes. Of course, we give you a cap first and cover it. Increase the aeration time by a few minutes a day. If we have already reached the street, from the next day we can put it in the stroller into the garden, balcony, corridor.
Here again, start with a few minutes and then gradually increase your breathing time. Healthy babies can spend several hours outdoors each day. Spring / Summer children up to 2 weeks, a only take 4-6 weeks old baby babies. Of course, it depends a lot on the weather: in clear, sunny, pleasant times you can spend a lot of time with even the little ones! Do not sunbathe in strong winds, fog or snow during the hot sun.

Can I go too far?

When the big minions come in - usually from January - many moms ask: What do you do if you take them out or stay home with the little ones? As a general rule, -5 degrees do not spend too much time outdoorswith the little one. Obviously, if the mother has money to deal with, then so is the case, but one must strive to keep the little one in the hard minus.
If the time is lighter (around 0 degrees), you can go out to breathe. Termйszetesen pay attention to layered transferwearing gloves and a cap. It's quite worth adding a rug to your thighs in addition to the stockings, because their household is still not so good, it is easier to burn.
The best outfit to wear is the overcoat, which protects your child's waist and moves well. Let's design warm garments that do not obstruct the child's free movement. It is also very practical to have a warm, dry, wet coat that can be put in the stroller. Make sure that your toddler's shoes and gloves do not touch.

Should you walk in the strong winds?

Weather is the most dangerous of all weather conditions. THE In the beginning the concentration of viruses and viruses is the highest, so at this time it is most valuable to put together something for the child. If you can do it, you should skip the usual walk in no time.
Hasonlуkйppen It is worth giving up aeration if the head is strong. Even so, it is better to spend time between the 4 defensive walls.

What do we really need to look out for in lighter weather - summer, spring, autumn?

Let's make sure thatdo not force the baby to be exposed to strong sunlight. Better for him is the sad light. We can only do it in the morning and in the morning, and not leave us alone, so that we can change the placement of the baby in time. If necessary, fold up the top of the stroller to prevent the doll from being exposed to hot sunlight. During the summer, be careful not to spend a lot of time on a hot day with your tired baby. Put on your head a cap and, especially in the early and early hours of the Duluth, take care of the child.
Care should also be taken to protect our child from insects, animals, various contaminants, so it is worthwhile to lighten the stroller.
If we do not have a suitable place to leave the baby outdoors, place it in the baby or the car, and allow fresh air into the room. Shorter, when the little ones can spend more time in the fresh air, pushing a stroller to choose the most suitable place for a walk. Before buying a stroller, we need to take a look at what kind of transport equipment we use on a regular basis and where to store the stroller. If you also need to have a child, you can choose the combinatorial type that fits all your purposes. The traditional deep wagon is bulky enough, with nappies and other stuff in it. The folding, recline backpack sports car can be used until your baby is bigger.If you do not want to push the baby in the stroller, you can aerate the baby in our luggage, in our buckle. In this case, the baby enjoys our proximity, and sees the world around him from a new perspective. (Not to mention the fact that short strollers do not have to push the stroller off the tenth floor!). Many babies like to push their stroller when they are toddlers. However, more experienced moms know well: with stable children and two-year-olds, we wouldn't go without a stroller, because the little one gets tired and then we can continue walking.
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