It hurts a lot

It hurts a lot

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If the baby is hurting a lot, can he indicate a serious illness? The children's kayak answers.

It hurts a lotMy son Benedict is five and has a lot of hiccups. I've heard from several mothers that this sometimes happens to their kids too, and don't worry, but my friend's six-year-old boy had hiccups due to appendicitis and had to be operated on for more than a week. Do I have to worry about this?
Beaverborough, e-mail

Hiccups are very common in childhood, especially in the first few months of life. I want to reassure her that her girlfriend, a six-year-old baby, had a completely different cause and mechanism for hiccups. As a result of appendicitis, the peritoneum also became inflamed, and it caused the wrist to reflexively over. Beneath the situation. Recent research has shown that hinge prophylaxis, which occurs very often in infancy, is a reflex activated during lactation, which prevents the fluid from flowing into the breast (milk, milk). Slightly siphoning fluids generally eliminate the dislocated hinge.

Hinging tips

The baby is not necessarily distracted by the hinges, but if you think you can try a few things:

  • suck it
  • give him a few sips of water
  • lift it to a vertical position

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