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Diaper Tutorial for Exciting Moving BabiesTips

Diaper Tutorial for Exciting Moving BabiesTips

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If the cumbersome walker, who is able to walk, often does not want to stay calm for a while, change your diaper, you need to be substantial to deal with it.

If you are sleeping, your baby is back, changing the diaper is much more difficult. Let's not forget to remember that this is a crocodile-like wrestling operation. In many cases, the sweat and nerve changes in the baby, toddler, running baby are very sweaty and nerve racking. Here are a few tips that can help you win.
  • Before you start, notice what his mood is, what in pelus, how fast do you want to perform. You can try to get him a couple of minutes to calm down, especially if you have to clean his poop. Gain inspiration from ideas, sound, interesting shapes, tactile objects to capture your attention.A baby with a baby is called to replace the pelvis
  • You can adapt to it, if you have time to playand all you have to do is change your pee. Run for a few laps, waving the clean diaper to know what's coming next. You can be a good joke about grappling, wrestling, if you haven't lost your playful mood. Once you have laid down, kiss your naked belly, and you can bite it a bit while unnoticing the diaper.
  • Instead of putting your eyes in a cloth bag, put the empty, washed bottles, boxes, whatever you want to catch. You'll love it with a slide projector, music box, smaller book, and flashlight. If you just leave it to be cleaned and put it in your bath, you can wash it down quickly.
  • You may also succeed: face it, tilt your upper body to your toe, hold your head slightly between your foreheads, lean down, and put your pelvis back.
  • Switch to panties normal nappies! Attaching a panty liner is as simple as picking up a underwear. There is no need to put the child in it, manage it in multiple places, just put it underneath (anyway). Much faster with this diaper change. It's also easy to remove, as you simply peel off the perforation, double-squeeze the sides, and roll with the glue to fix the "bundle". The pantyhose is also a great help for room cleanliness: it can be slid off the cushions and then picked up again, and even the small one can cope with this.
  • You can figure out a short story to bring out of your sleeve in any difficult diaper situation. The story doesn't have to be the same all the time, you can figure out a continuing story to increase your curiosity.
  • You can introduce games that you like you only give it in the diaper line the baby may not play with it at other times. You can get ahead of time by getting ready to play with that teddy bear, plush, squeaky bee. You can take it with you and as soon as you change your diaper they will be occupied with games.
  • There are babies who adore when the diaper tells them every little detail, especially if you gesticulate more, talk in a funny voice, or make your face more interesting. Tell us what will happen next, how clean you will be after changing your diapers, what diapers you will give you, and you can show what color, what figures are on it. Speak up, say a sermon, maybe sing a song also in between.
  • If the baby megszoptatod before diapering, it puts you in a calmer, more relaxed state. Many babies are equally suckling / following, so this order can be practical.
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