It is risky if time is short between pregnancies

It is risky if time is short between pregnancies

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If the mother becomes pregnant again soon after birth, both the mother and the baby may be at greater risk.

It is risky if time is short between pregnanciesWith the advent of childbirth, the importance of having a baby again after birth has increased. However, short periods of time between two pregnancies may increase the risk of premature birth, low birth weight and infant mortality. Research from the University of British Columbia and the Harvard TH Chan Department of Health says it's best to wait 12-18 months after your first baby for a new pregnancy. look at the mother, be it as old as she is. Looking at the baby is most dangerous if the mother is between 20-34 years and soon to become pregnant. If a mother becomes pregnant over 35 years and 6 months after childbirth, she has a 1.2 percent chance of having a maternal mortality or other complication related to childbirth. This risk was reduced to 0.5 percent if 18 months were expired. Younger mothers had an 8.5 percent chance of becoming pregnant after six months to the next pregnancy, but after 18 months, their early pregnancy rate was down to 3.7 percent. However, the study found . "The short time between childbirth and the next pregnancy suggests that you may be having an unplanned pregnancy, especially if you have a young mother," said the researcher. Sonia Hernandez-Diaz. The risk may also be due to the fact that we are not talking about an unexpected pregnancy, so it is possible that not only the mother is regenerating, but also, for example. the risk of increased inadequate pregnancy care.
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