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Can I buy air?

Can I buy air?

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If you are expecting a baby, you will hear about how much poisonous stuff you are or will be spotted. However, it is enough to consistently pay attention to things that seem small to you and your fetus. Our specialist: dr. Zoltán Ambrus is a mother-in-law.

Over the course of the development of the uterus, the sensitivity of the baby to external influences has changed. Although it has long been assumed that it enjoys full defense against external influences, recent sixty-year research has legitimately challenged this. Certain drugs, chemicals, and some maternal infections have also been shown to cause birth defects or malformationsand maternal malnutrition can increase the risk of having a child with diabetes.
However, it would appear that not all fetuses are affected by the same effects. The explanation for this lies in the genetic factors: we do not respond to harm in the same way.

Can I buy air?

Everything or nothing?

The embryo is at its finest, most fragile, when we still do not know for sure. Based on experience, it is believed that in the first two weeks, the principle of all or nothing is valid. That is, if the conditions are right, the pre-embryo will adhere - but if it is so severe that it is not able to repair the malfunctioning mechanisms of the dividing cells, the next time it occurs
You can be sure if you are you are cautious during the pre-conception period and avoid known risk factors. The most common are smoking, alcohol and drug abuse and, of course, all forms of herbal medicine that you have not consulted with your doctor about the baby project.
Most developmental abnormalities are 15-60 years after conception. develops between days, when the baby's organs, organ initiations develop. At this time, during the fetal development stage, the external processes of organs can be disturbed (for example, lead, mercury, organochlorine compounds). It is assumed that some of these behaviors are dependent on these, the failure of meaningful development. It is also indispensable that the developing embryo has to contend with a lot of harmful material. There are a variety of consequences that can occur from lucky whole goiter to miscarriage, to organ failure, to underdevelopment, to cancer.
It is also important to keep in mind that herbal remedies and herbal remedies, called natural remedies, are not harmless - so if you want to resort to this, you should first consult your doctor!


If you take medication, you will have a certain amount of active ingredient in your blood. In most cases, 20 to 80 percent of it reaches the fetus through the placenta. The extent of absorption is influenced by many factors, so if you are in need of medication, you should definitely consult a specialist in this field, a so-called teratology consultant.

And the father?

It is theoretically possible that spermatozoa may be the cause of a developmental abnormality in the near term during pregnancy, but this has not been proved by tests.

Risky jobs

When planning a pregnancy, it is worthwhile to check whether the conditions at the workplace are appropriate. Obviously, a chemical plant, a pharmaceutical company, is not a good job for a baby, even if you work as a secretary there. In the case of a hairdresser, it is advisable to consult a specialist in the case of cataract, knowing the specific active ingredients.
Health workers need to be aware of the increased risk of infections and the harmful effects of a number of chemicals, and the same applies to children, ounces, carers, teachers. In these cases, it is worth giving the available vaccines to reduce the risk.

Slow down a tempo!

Symptoms of pregnancy are probably a way to take it a bit back from the usual hell, because you can still not risk falling asleep at your comfort. You should refrain from sports that are fraught with danger of injury. Most doctors from the third month onwards do not recommend cycling, horseback riding, or motorcycling. On the other hand, you can roll your exercise bike for as long as you can, and you don't have to give up on the gym or the gym, and it's even more beneficial to stay on the move!

Come on!

Never begin to lose weight during pregnancyand avoid all forms of one-sided eating! Not only does this include the busting of certain diets, but also if you live, for example, on a stump, in a delicate manner.
You have to take green and fruit juice very seriously, as you get the most useful vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Don't waste your sugar very much, it's okay if you leave it alone. Choose foods that do not contain additives but are added to your diet in a more natural state. Of course, it's a basic rule of thumb that you can only use fresh meat, dairy products, carefully cleaned, washed fruits, and greens - so you can avoid putting herbs on your body.

And if you are sick?

Nowadays, with proper and careful pregnancy care, you do not have to give up your childhood even if you suffer from a chronic illness. Do not stop your usual medications without medical advice! In such a case, it is even more important that you discuss how to proceed before conception, as there is almost always a treatment you can choose from.


  • Manicuring, varnishing, hair dyeing, hair removal, waxing, facial treatment are not forbidden!
  • Sauna, steam baths are allowed, and only when you do. You may find it easier to settle down and get tired.
  • It is advisable to postpone the dental restoration to the third third, but you can get anesthesia with the necessary treatment. Skip the lung while you are baby.
  • Raw meat and untreated animal products are not recommended for consumption as they may contain a variety of human-grade pathogens.
  • Leave your tattooing and piercing due to the risk of infection!