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What are we going to do without the Father?

What are we going to do without the Father?

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If you are just reassuring with your proximity, a reassuring twinkle, or an old lady, but the Father is the one who helps us, worrying about the little ones in difficult situations.

My brother helped me through difficult situations

Zsani and Csabi were both pregnant and living together. "With every child, there was something else, sometimes lighter, sometimes harder, there were excitement and, of course, beautiful moments," the mother insists. "In retrospect, it's like we did it all together. I remember we were expecting the results of the pregnancy tests together. We were excited when the two went down." The couple's first two children became a girl. "I wanted a son first," the dad admits. "When the second ultrasound was amazed by the ultrasound doctor, I was a little disappointed to ask that it wasn't possible to have her puppy? Then, of course, Fanni became the most ancient of them all." Throughout the interview, she and her father were still living. The parents tell us that Csabi was all there. "Of course, I was only able to help with my presence, but it also made a lot of sense. I was hanging on Zsani's head and jerking off like a good football game, clutching my hands to them."
"She's almost gone. Botin once," the mother interjects. "I sent him to buy it. I felt something even when he was still at home, but for the third time, I was convinced that it was time. I was excited to come here, especially to miss her son's birth. Then, by the time Csabi came home, his car's engine had been blown away.
The chick has helped a lot during her pregnancy with the rest of the children and in the household. "I also cook sometimes. For example, because I read that my baby needs a lot of iron," says the dad, who was also interested in pregnancy articles and books. This was very good for Zsani.
"Together, we chose the stroller, the baby furniture, and decided on who to be my doctor. The best thing for my baby to do is support me when I was diagnosed with a serious malady during an ultrasound examination. he was the one who didn't believe the doctor, somehow wholeheartedly convinced me there was nothing wrong. He was the one who rebuked me for despair. It turned out he was right. Our healthy child was born. "

He supported everything, lost everywhere, knew everything

Doctors gave Ildi and Gzu only a few percent chance of a common child.
"After two years of crying, we were told by the cold shower that our baby would only be able to get medical help if she came together," says mom, Ildi. "We fell out, but we marched further across the road. New exams, surgeries, resignations, rehearsals ensued, and then failure and dread. After multiple failures in 2011, the first son, Donb, was born. "Because it was hard to come by, we did all kinds of examinations. Despite the pregnancy and the development of the fetus according to the textbook, I was constantly worried about everything. "
They weren't asked if they'd be a father. "We agreed that I would be indoors during the rebellion, and then we would see how things were going. And since the whole birth was very nice and calm, there was no complication, the baby in the room decided not to stay. to do it alone for a woman. We've also welcomed a beloved security lady to give Ildi the utmost security. "What are we going to do without the Father?
"It was the hardest day for me when we brought Dour from the house," Ildi continues. "Then I realized that a completely different life was about to begin, and what it was like was unknown to me. I felt, at some level, that my freedom was coming to an end. I was just reassured that Gzu was there to make sure I was successful. He just acknowledged that he felt the same way, but he tried not to show it, and then he got over it soon enough. I need Giza as always. I couldn't wait to come home. It was a lot of trouble for my mom and my mom to just see when Gzu came home. "
Ildi's second pregnancy was much more difficult than the first. "My stomach hurts a lot, I had to lie down a lot and relax, so Goni stayed with Doni. But for him, that wasn't a problem, luckily."
Dad admits he wasn't always confident. "When Bron was still in the tummy, I had serious concerns about whether I could double my love. But I always adored the children, and I could easily find the voice with them. But somehow, I was afraid of being able to imagine a child. Bron was born, this uncertainty immediately disappeared. " As Bron is still tiny, she needs her mom for the time being, and she is primarily cared for by Ildi, but Gizu is always present when she's in the bath.
"I'm really sorry that my son has such a close relationship with Doni, so he won't be too frustrated with the little guy. He has hardly let go of Dad to work, and sometimes even Gzuz has to bring him to work because he's so attached to him. there is a real father-son relationship between them, this is a great help for me now. "
"It's not a problem for me," Dad adds. "I was never worried about fatherhood, I was always family-centered, so I was sure and I was myself. will never. "

Dad was worried for us

"Robi is both a very conceived child, prepared for fatherhood, but has never fallen foul, not the type who keeps in mind all the ultrasound dates or reads scientific articles about how the fetus develops - Mari. "That's something that always made me think, saying I was a health care professional in the family.
"We've always talked a lot about relatives' children," Robi turns on. "And the living example is much more credible to me than some scientific reading." The young couple was preparing for the birth of their first child by the time Marianna was diagnosed with pregnancy toxemia by the sixth month.
"Three weeks later I tried to adjust my blood pressure, but it failed, and I found more and more white in my urine," says Mariann. "At week 32, they invested in the hospital. I was very scared. The hospital was always scary, especially in this situation." Robi went to the home doctor, who drank him to the hospital so he could go see her every day. "He came in twice a day. That was the only thing that kept my soul in shape. He was born on the ninth day. We could keep it in the meantime. Those eight days seemed to me worthwhile."
There was no ventilator in the hospital where Mariann was born, and it was not known until her birth whether she would be needed. "We just knew that if there was a problem, we would go to the pediatric clinic with an ambulance," the mother recalls. "For the most part, I only told Robby about the events, because I was pushed into my room and the baby was taken to the premature class. We were dumbfounded by the events.
"I knew Marian was in trouble, she didn't need to be nervous anymore," Dad says. "That's why I've been a little sweet for a week. It's true that our baby's condition stabilized only on the third day, but I somehow hoped that everything would be fine, and I told Marian how nice and nice she was. also that the tubes rolled around him were tiny and very thin. " He also admitted later that he had seen the early rescuers who had died, but it was not necessary to dispose of the little one. "I would have been so nervous anyway, and somehow, I had spent a couple of days wandering out of the office. Robby knew everything, and he was worried for us."