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So wash your hands properly!

So wash your hands properly!

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If you thought you were doing a good hand wash before then, we're sorry to say, probably not. Such is the WHO six-step technique, which experts say is most effective.

The washing the simplest, most effective and the least expensive way to prevent the spread of the diseasebut it does not seem to be doing the right thing. The UN World Health Organization's Wash-out procedure is the most effective, though it doesn't take long for the six-step method to take up to 45 minutes.
But if you think that in less than a minute, in extreme cases, it can save even a lifetime, you are clearly worth the fatigue. The WHO method kills the microbes that cause and dispose of the disease to a much greater extent than the traditional three-soap (Soap-Rinse).
At first you might think that washing is not a complicated operation, but it is worth learning these six steps, since 80% of infections are also affected, so is hygiene essential? should play a role in our health preservation. The most effective method is to thoroughly wet your hands first and then apply the right amount of soap to your palms. Let us rub our first palm first, then the other hand with one palm - let's not forget the area between our fingers! - let's recap the other hand as well. The next step is to flip our palms upside down and rub this area together. Next, pinch your hands together and "swing" your fingers together (that is, our fingers look over our other palms), and then rub them. Let's not forget our thumb! The final step before rinsing is to squeeze your fingers and rub them in the palm of your other hand.

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