Baby Fever - What Can a Baby Do?

Baby Fever - What Can a Baby Do?

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If a baby is feverish, it can be scary, but don't panic. We have collected the most important information on how to treat a baby when baby is first absorbed.

Baby Fever - What Can a Baby Do?For babies less than 6 months old, rectal fever is recommended. Don't forget to subtract from the values! In infants younger than 6 months, fever should always be taken very seriously, and it is very rare that it can be a serious disease. . According to this:
  • the fever is a symptom, not a disease, no need to be scared
  • cushioning is only necessary when the child is in poor condition and depressed. There is no need to dampen it even if the child is just as good
  • Exceptional training if your baby is less than 6 months old: 0-3 months, if your body temperature is 38 degrees or higher, or if your baby is 3-6 months 39, you should immediately call a doctor.
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  • 38-39 ° C
  • 39-40.5 ° C - high temperature
  • Above 40.5 ° C - very high fever.
According to the professional recommendation in the report, ibuprofen is primarily recommended for use at 3 months of age, while salicylate containing products can only be given above 10 years of age. Careful balancing is required whether or not to add a flame retardant. If the child is okay, not light-hearted, not frantic, drinking enough, the fever is a very fun process. . We always use the tool provided with the medicine. However, a professional resolution recommends that the child is not cared for and combined with herbal flushing (via articles in this topic:
  • For smart cushioning
  • When do you have to have a flare-up?
  • This is a suggestion for a flame retardant