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So make bread: just 20 minutes! Not just super moms can succeed!

So make bread: just 20 minutes! Not just super moms can succeed!

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If I tell you somewhere that I make bread myself, they often look at me like a mother goddess. But I'm not ...

Now I am writing down the course of things that happened yesterday. You can read the exact recipe at the end of the write-up, although it has the slightest significance: every time the result will be slightly different. The point is that the whole thing comes with less maceros than making a paprika potato.1. I take the milk and the yeast from the cold. I need half a glass of milk to make bread, I need a glass of my morning coffee. I'll put the two jars in the microwave for a minute. In the middle, I mixed up the laundry because it needed to be washed. (Baking time is about 2 minutes.)
2. The milk was warm. I crumble a half of a yeast into a beaker, put a teaspoon of crystal sugar in it, mix it. The other cup pours the stone and two teaspoons of crystal sugar. I don't mix the two jars, I drink the coffee, I let the yeast melt. You start with a portion of the wash and prepare what you need for the bread: a mixing bowl, a kitchen robot with a dough, two kinds of flour, sunflower oil. Unfortunately not sunflower seeds because they are out of stock. I'll drink my remaining coffee. (Baking time is about 3 minutes.)
3. "Mom, the yeast is coming out!" - I hear my daughter behind me, of course, unlike her mother. I pour into the mixing bowl one milliliter of wholemeal rye flour for approx. quarter, and a little more white wheat flour. I pour yeast milk, a teaspoon of oil and half a glass of water. Yeah, and a teaspoonful of fries, all too scary ... I knead my robot for five minutes. If it turns into a good little bunny, I'll cover it with a kitchen towel. I'll put it in a warm place, which was like the outdoor table tennis in the fall, because the sun was shining there. (Baking time is about 8 minutes.)4. I'm telling one of the big guys to ride a bike with me to the supermarket in the village because it is better to shop together. We'll be on the road for about an hour. By the time we get back, the bread crust is well over. I take the mattress board, filter some flour on the top, shake the dough, make a little bit of it, and make two good shoe shapes. Again, I cover the kitchen cloth, not on the table tennis table, but in the kitchen, because it's good time in the middle of the night. (Baking time is about 4 minutes.)

Delicious, fresh bread with little turning time. It is the closest to a homemade jam!

5. You cover it, collect the oven at 180 degrees, check my letters, reply lightly. I'm running to the green because of course we forgot one and another at the time of purchase. You also contribute to cooking. In the meantime, I prepared the baking tray, put the two shoes on, and pushed it into the oven. I put a water-filled menu in the bottom of the oven, so the bread will be finer and the crust will be crunchy. I set the cool timer for 30 minutes so it's okay. Those who are not so crazy can, of course, leave this. (Baking time is about 3 minutes.)6. Roughly half-baked rye breads are ready. I take out the baking tray, put the shoes on the back so that they can roast a little, stay crunchy. While I continue to cook my lunch and bread with my body, so that the deceased family members are not too hot. This is the most difficult of all. (Baking time is about 1 minute.)
Breadcrumb recipe for those who love numbers:
170 ml of water
150 ml milk
1 teaspoon sу
2 teaspoons sugar or 2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp oil
540 g flour (may be wholly white or mixed)
25 g yeast (may also be dust yeast, simply mix it in flour)


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