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Product recall for chisels in Möbelix

Product recall for chisels in Möbelix

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If you have bought such a bike in Möbelix, take it back immediately or don't use it anymore!

Product recall for chisels in Möbelix

Due to a cobalt release, a Chinese-born stone chopper was withdrawn by the Austrian authorities, according to an alert on the European Union Rapid Alarm System (RASFF). The csйszйkbхl Magyarorszбgon йrkezett the Mцbelix бruhбzaiba - tбjйkoztatott the National Йlelmiszerlбnc-biztonsбgi Office (NЙBIH) .The vonatkozу jogszabбlyok йrtelmйben the йlelmiszerekkel йrintkezйsbe kerьlх materials йs tбrgyak not vбltoztathatjбk the йlelmiszer цsszetйtelйt or йrzйkszervi tulajdonsбgait.Figyelembe vйve the termйk rendeltetйsйt, and that Higher temperature drinks in most cases speed up the dissolution process, NBIHH asks that those who have the domestic coffee in the pictures do not use any more. .) has informed all Hungarian partners about the product recall. Within the framework of the voluntary measure, the companies have locked out all products in stock and have recalled the product recall in the shops. 264 products were withdrawn from the market, of which 4 were returned by the customers. The products are being disposed of. Möbelix, on its website, is asking customers to take the affected customers back to one of their stores for a refund. What you need to know about cobalt:Cobalt trace element, the central atom of vitamin B12 (cobalamin), is needed in small quantities by the human body. However, it is not an undesirable substance in the human body in larger quantities. The Nemzetkцzi Rбkkutatу Ьgynцksйg (IARC) cobalt йs cobalt vegyьletek csoportjбt Possible human rбkkeltхkйnt, identified as Group 2B be.A RAFF riasztбsban according szereplх kбvйsbцgrйbхl the osztrбk hatуsбg mйrйsei the jу elхбllнtott according gyбrtбsi practice termйkeknйl elйrhetхhцz kйpest about 20 fold mennyisйgы cobalt kioldуdбs was tapasztalhatу, which, when used regularly, can cause human health concerns.The product has the following identifiable information:
Name: Gustel
Capacity: 210 ml
Phone ID: L ZDZX5
The alert number is 82490203
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