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That's why the July baby is so special

That's why the July baby is so special

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If you have a baby in July, let's first congratulate you on having a pregnancy during the hottest season of the year. Let's congratulate your little, optimistic baby, who is special for many reasons: for example, the following!

That's why the July baby is so special

July super team

The name of the month may be thanks to the famous Roman MP, Julius Caesar, who celebrated his birthday on 12 or 13 July. But he is not the only illustrator to have born this month: Nelson Mandela on July 18, Diana Diana on July 1, Jackie Kennedy on July 28.

They handle their feelings well

Born in July, they are good at controlling and managing their senses: according to a previous Japanese study, these babies can control themselves much better by the age of 18 months than, for example, fall or winter beans. Greater control is closely linked to improved ability to regulate behavior and behavior.

They are the tallest in the class

July babies generally have a higher birth weight than babies born at other times of the year. They are also expected to be taller than their classmates, And it may be easy to become the highest student in the group.

They are more likely to be left-handed

More research has shown that children born between March and July are more likely to be left-handed. What could be the reason? The researchers came to the conclusion For example, it may be related with seasonal illnesses during pregnancy.(VIA)Related links:


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