Western tips for cheeseburgers

Western tips for cheeseburgers

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If your child is not able to pay attention to his or her own play, listen to the answer to the request, play with something else, do one thing at least for a short while, and get used to some patience, goodbye.

Tips for Cheese Duck, цrцkmozgу kids

Tips for moving around

  • Keep it regular!
  • Always have the same agenda!
  • Organize fewer programs!
  • Make sure you have rituals and habits.
  • Post repetitive sayings, songs, and tales more often.
  • Eliminate unnecessary sources of stimulation (such as backdating) that may distract your attention.
  • Don't waste time on the agenda!
  • If you always have to interrupt your game for something, you will be unable to dip into action.
  • Fewer objects make you feel more secure, too many games get confused, you can't choose.
  • Abundantly give him the opportunity to experience bodily experiences: water play, rubbing, sanding, playing with pebbles, living outdoors.
  • Equally important is a relaxing corner where you can sunbathe, listen to music or talk with your teddy bear in the sun.
  • Unobtrusively focuses your attention on balancing games. If you want to step on the pole or beam, you have to see your nose.
  • Failure is also the strongest challenge for the next challenge.
  • Look for a tailor-made barrier in the playground or in the nearby park, or snag one of these at home with a pair of twisted hats.
For a child to thrive in life, he or she really needs the discipline and patience. Parents can do a lot to strengthen these abilities. You only need perseverance, consistency and patience.
  • Kids are more patient than 50 ounces
  • Five reasons kids need a routine
  • The time of going to sleep is not only the amount of sleep


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