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If our child goes to school…

If our child goes to school…

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If our child goes to hospital, it is a great reproach to the whole family. Not only does the child's ability to tolerate the disease, age, mental and emotional development, and the relationship between the parent and the child, be noticed.

The child must be prepared to go to church. He has to be told why he has to go to the hospital according to his age. Let him know that he is very much in love, he will be greatly missed, and we will visit him and bring him home as soon as possible. It is important for the child to know that he / she has to stay and sleep there! Talk to her, tell her that there will be other kids out there, and her baby will take care of her, give her something to eat, drink, bathe, she will have to give birth if she has a headache or needs something.

Doctors and nurses will be nice to the kid

Together, prepare what you need in the church. If possible, allow her to choose the favorite pajamas, toy, or glasses she wants to carry. If he has to go to the hospital unexpectedly, let him know what will happen to him.
If you are already in the hospital and need to divorce your child, then it is very important to say goodbye! Don't "run away" when you don't get it!
More and more children's hospitals have a way for a parent - like a mother, a grandfather - beside the child be. If you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity, you should contact the Chief Financial Officer, who will be able to provide you with information. After this, the child's doctor should be consulted on the need for continued care, who will act as appropriate (another rule applies to nursing mothers, pregnant parents, etc.).
If the mother or father is unable to stay with the child for a long time in the church, then visit her more often. Visits bring small gifts, surprises, drawings of siblings and comrades. Tell her about home stuff, about what happened in kindergarten / school, and what your colleagues are saying. You will still know all about it, and will not feel left out of the family.
The parent is doing the right thing to sincerely prepare his child for what will happen to him. It is easier to bear the foreseeable unpleasantness and pain than anxiety, insecurity, fear. But in spite of all this, do not believe that the child will have no fear, because the safety of being told by his parents, honest and trusting in him can make their situation easier!
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