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16 Things Every Parent With Small Kids Should Know About Food

16 Things Every Parent With Small Kids Should Know About Food

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If you are far from the initial hardships of nutrition, you might think that you are on the verge of ending up having no trouble eating.

The kids love to play the game

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, of course, a little healthy dinner and snacks for babies and toddlers to have a midnight meal. You have made it known to all senses, knows that food is something to eat. You think so. And what do babies and toddlers think about food and meals? The Huffington Post knows 16 things you, too, need to know! For the little ones there is no such thing as breakfast, lunch or dinner. For them, these are all occasions when it is possible to steal, steal, or toss a game called the food.2. The most reassuring thing you can say to the little one is not "I love you" or "Everything will be fine". Rather, the question is, "Do you want to eat?" Especially if the baby is breastfed.3. You say: spit. The professionals also say: spit. Your kid says, "neeeem!" (That is, God save the nipple!) And the nipple lands on the ground.4. Sharing food with a small child is like sharing a seat with a stranger. If you give it a little, it will require health.5. A little kid in the restaurant doesn't just eat with his family. If you go to this restaurant, the restaurant will go to every restaurant for food.6. When you see your baby's hand turn red, it's usually ketchup.7. When you can snack all day, you have a really good day.8. People who have said that taking care of a small child is not a sweaty thing, have never tried to remove thousands of ropidos from the sofa bed.9. Height is the most perfect tool for toddlers who aren't tall enough to climb onto the kitchen counter.10. It is legitimate to ask whether the feeding chair is so tall that it is easier to put the baby and bring it to the table, or to make it easier and farther to move the food.11. Young children are able to hear up to 250 kilometers when the door of the cold or the spy is open.12. The little ones are screaming at the 5 second rule.13. Finding out exactly what your baby wants to eat and which one he or she wants is at least as impossible as putting the Rubik's cube first. Feeding a child largely means lying to you for praising how delicious the food you give him is. When your three-year-old brings you a drink, you don't have to give him wine. He has already taken down 20% of the utility in the form of cards.16. If you need help and your baby needs to dial, he'll call the pizza truck.These may also be of interest to you:
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