Even in the dark, it's easier to lose weight

Even in the dark, it's easier to lose weight

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If you do not see exactly what you are eating and how much, the amount of food you consume and your total amount of food in your tummy will be much higher than the amount of food you go through - research has shown.

Blindly, you can lose weight!

The blindfolded people who had taken part in the research. The result of the experiment is that they ate less blindly, as a rule, by exactly 9 percent, when they thought they were eating far more than they used to. Numerous 88 percent thought they were consuming more. There are many reasons why we can eat less with our blindfold. One of the reasons is that we are less innocent, find it harder to find food, and survival of the intellect is much more intense because it does not distract us. New information, however, is that one we also lose weight during a blind dinner.
Researchers generally say that we eat more than we need to: everyone is well aware of the importance, that is, when only our eyes want food, we tend to eat more than we should. If we eat blindly, this factor will be eliminated, and in addition we will not see the area, we will not feel good about the size, so we will assume that we eat a lot. Consumers participating in the study lost exactly 88 percent when estimating how much they ate at the Blind Dinner.
Knowledge encourages us to play games for the fun of dinners several times a week: it contributes to our health and our intimacy.
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